Anoka County Children and Family Council earns Pin Wheel award for child abuse prevention

A Pin Wheel Award for Prevention of Child Abuse was presented to the Anoka County Children and Family Council in 2022 for community engagement work which was the catalyst for a Community Resilience Plan, as part of the Self-Healing Communities program in Minnesota.

Jerry Pederson, co-chair of the ACCFC, said the statewide award from FamilyWise made him proud of the work to build a network.

“Jill and Tammy, as you know, the credit really goes to you, so thank you. ACCFC has always represented a combined effort by so many to help families and children in need. The long-range vision will keep the positive energy from a recognition like this to live on well past our involvement. You’re awesome!!”

The credit Jerry offered was for two phases of work Jill, Tammy and Angelina led in cooperation with the MN Department of Human Services (DHS) and FamilyWise.

Jill Brown PR selected to market new transit service in Greater Minnesota

Jill Brown PR with DRB Consulting as a sub, won a bid with Brown County to help market a new city bus route in New Ulm, MN. Working with a transportation advisory committee of city, county and community representatives, the team implemented a naming contest which drew about 100 bus names. Check back for the winning submission.