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Anoka County Children and Family Council


A Pin Wheel Award for Prevention of Child Abuse was presented to the Anoka County Children and Family Council in 2022 for community engagement work which was the catalyst for a Community Resilience Plan, as part of the Self-Healing Communities program in Minnesota.

Jerry Pederson, co-chair of the ACCFC, said the statewide award from FamilyWise made him proud of the work to build a network.

“Jill and Tammy, as you know, the credit really goes to you, so thank you. ACCFC has always represented a combined effort by so many to help families and children in need. The long-range vision will keep the positive energy from a recognition like this to live on well past our involvement. You’re awesome!!”

The credit Jerry offered was for two phases of  work Jill, Tammy and Angelina led in cooperation with the MN Department of Human Services (DHS) and FamilyWise.

Despite COVID-19, the Jill Brown PR team met and exceeded DHS requirements for community engagement. A Community Resiliency Committee was formed of stakeholders to guide the work. One-on-one interviews and small group discussions were conducted to collect data. The Jill Brown PR team prepared an action plan to address adverse childhood and community experiences, build protective factors for youth, and increase community well-being.

Jill’s team successfully applied for a $5,000 micro grant from DHS to begin implementing the action plan.

Working with Oromo community leaders and Allina Health, the team planned a mental well-being program for youth at the Oromo Resource Center in Fridley, MN. After a summer training, 74% of youth reported learning tips to reduce stress and 77% wanted to share this information with others.

Grant funds were strategically used to strengthen partnerships by hiring Oromo people for project tasks. Community members created two videos for future engagement and provided culturally appropriate event snacks.

Jill Brown PR continues to work with the ACCFC on the action plan. Since 1996, Jill has worked with the Council to bring partners (seven school districts, county, nonprofits, parent reps) and the public together to address community issues. One of Jill’s favorite sayings: If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together.

Fogerty Ice Arena


COVID put Fogerty Arena on thin ice. Staff contacted Jill on the weekend before Christmas 2020 to see if she could help. They had an amateur video with testimonials from well known hockey players and curlers. What next? Jill Brown PR quickly produced a news release and a fundraising appeal. Within hours, every TV network affiliate had interviews scheduled. The print media jumped on the story. In the first day, more than $50,000 was raised. By New Year’s Eve, more than $84,000 was raised with support from 300 people. #SaveFogerty was a great success.

Since 2012, Jill Brown PR has worked with Fogerty Arena, a nonprofit collection of two hockey rinks, year-round curling and a restaurant—collectively drawing almost 3 million people each year to Blaine, MN. She has created Prezi presentations for stakeholders and done public speaking as Fogerty’s representative. Jill orchestrated special events for a groundbreaking, and three grand openings. Jill assists with local, national and international media relations for tournaments and Olympic Trials. Jill Brown PR has produced several marketing pieces, including TV commercials, billboards, print ads, social media, flyers, and brochures. Currently, Jill is helping the board launch and grow a foundation.

Crest View Senior Communities

Ground Breaking Event

Crest View wanted help to launch a new campus and fill it. Jill Brown helps the Crest View CEO manage an annual advertising budget of approximately $175,000. She negotiates ad space in Midwest magazines, in daily and weekly newspapers, and on digital platforms. Jill creates campaigns, drafts copy and coordinates production of print, digital and video materials. Jill has a knack for negotiating editorial content in addition to ad space.

For example, Jill’s photography and interviews with the Crest View CEO are included annually in publications such as “Minnesota Monthly.” Crest View won four 2022 reader’s choice awards in senior living categories from Adams Publishing Group newspapers.

Minnesota Department of Transportation

Large orange snow plow with Plowy McPlow Face written on the side of the truck.

In 2021, snowplow driver recruitment got a boost from billboards negotiated through Jill Brown PR. Plowy McPlow Face may be the firm’s most unique client.

Multicultural Campaign

Jill Brown was the prime contractor on an initiative with the Minnesota Department of Transportation. She led a team on a multicultural campaign to attract more people of color to apply for jobs. Jill’s team blazed new paths to creatively reach targeted audiences with traditional media such as radio, print, billboards. She secured public services announcements. She introduced staff to digital advertising that was instrumental in driving traffic to websites. Jill’s relationships with minority media were strengthened. The $250,000 contract was completed in October 2020.

Rural Transit Pilot Marketing Plans

Jill Brown PR developed pilot marketing plans for Greater Minnesota Transit systems in the southwestern part of the state. COVID required a shift in focus from growing ridership to building awareness. Each transit system got personalized attention to address their unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Jill Brown PR also implemented many of the projects and actions in the plans.

Strategic Communications Plan for the Stone Arch and 3rd Avenue Bridges

Jill Brown PR was awarded the contract to develop the strategic communications plan for the 3rd Avenue and Stone Arch Bridges in downtown Minneapolis. The purpose of the communications plan was to identify audiences affected by the bridge projects, propose tools to reach them and identify the information they will need during the multiple years of construction. The plan provided a framework for successfully delivering two rehabilitation bridge projects. Jill Brown PR delivered the plan ahead of schedule and under budget.

Rethink Recycling in blue and green letters. Two small leaves intertwined to the left.

Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board

For decades, the Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board was the leading voice for reduce, reuse, recycle in the Twin Cities area. The joint powers board contracted with Jill Brown PR for annual communications plans, and monthly blogs, guest columns for community newspapers, and social media content. Visibility was raised with unique campaigns, such as a KARE 11 series on increasing recycling in the workplace. SWMCB disbanded a few years ago to pursue individual county efforts. Up to that point, they had successfully reduced the area’s dependence on landfills by developing alternatives and engaging the public to change behaviors.

North Metro Mayors written in blue block letters.

North Metro Mayors Association

Jill Brown serves as the executive director for the North Metro Mayors Association. The collection of 15 suburbs represents nearly a half million people in the Twin Cities. The 2020 bonding bill includes many of the association’s priority items, including investments in assets involving the protection of our water, such as Rice Creek North Regional Trail, Three Rivers Park District, Mississippi Point Park in Champlain, and more.

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